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Tiffany - Level 1 Nail Designer


Express Pedicure $49
Deluxe Pedicure $64
Spa Manicure $24
Gel Manicure $34
Deluxe Manicure $38
Lacquer Change $14
Gel Lacquer Change $19

About our wonderful Tiffany who works in the Nail/Lash Department!

Tiffany has been with us since June 2015.

I am currently working on-
Being a happier, healthier me! I’m focusing on surrounding myself with positive people and positive situations.

My mantra-
Believe you can, and you’re half way there

Places I want to visit-
Scotland, Ireland, New York City at Christmas time

Currently obsessed with-
Pinterest, Rachel Hollis, wine, and coffee

Things that make me laugh-
Melissa McCarthy and her movies!

Theme Song-
Fight Song- Rachel Platten